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liveClinic is the world’s first and fastest growing free personal health record storage platform.

We enable your participation in breakthrough clinical studies around the world, helping to prevent, diagnose and cure diseases.

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liveClinic allows you to store health records, documents, and more for any clinic you visit. Store information for yourself and your family, all in one central location.
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Clinical studies depend on you to make the next research breakthrough possible.
Access to Research
Whether you're heathly or have an existing condition, liveClinic gives you the ability to go through the studies that meet your needs.
Safety & Security
liveClinic encrypts your data with the most current technology to ensure it is safe and secure.
Information Sharing
Learn and share your experiences with other participants through the liveClinic community.
Constant updates
We continually work to improve our technology and services to ensure you have the best possible experience.

Save lives,
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Medical advances are made possible by clinical studies. Healthy participants volunteer to help others. Clinical trials may offer new treatments and additional care to participants with illness.