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liveClinic is the world’s first and the fastest growing free personal health record storage platform.

We help you to participate in breakthrough clinical studies around the world. We help to prevent, diagnose and cure diseases with your help.

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Free Platform
Free platform:Platform to store all your and your loved ones’ health records for free across all the clinics you visited.
Make a difference
Research breakthroughs do not progress when studies can’t find the right individuals. You can change that.
Access to Research
You may be healthy or in need of medical attention. Ability to go through the studies that meet your health needs.
Safety & Security
Your data is safe and secure. We take strong measures to encrypt your data.
Information Sharing
A platform where you can share your experiences and learn preventative measures for your health issues from others.
Constant updates
We are always improving our technology platform and services for you to have a great experience.

Save lives,
help move science forward

Clinical studies are at the heart of all medical advances. As a healthy volunteer, you participate to help yourself and others.
Participants with illness may receive newest treatment and additional care from clinical trials.