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[General Questions FAQ]

What is liveClinic all about? liveClinic is a telehealth app that puts you in control of your healthcare experience. Make informed decisions with your doctor’s support, stay on top of important checkups, and even have prescriptions filled, without ever stepping foot inside a clinic. With liveClinic, you have access to your personal doctor for a virtual consultation, from just about anywhere, all from your mobile device. liveClinic is literally the future of healthcare, in your hands.
Does liveClinic provide healthcare? liveClinic does not offer medical services of any kind. Instead, we work to elevate your healthcare experience by making it easier for you and your doctor to connect and communicate.
Can I use liveClinic to schedule consultations with any doctor? As a client, you’re permitted to book appointments with any physician who is already a part of liveClinic’s ever-expanding community of healthcare providers. If your current doctor isn’t enrolled with liveClinic, be sure and make a request at your next visit.
How much does it cost to use liveClinic? Quality care is best when it is affordable. For this reason, our flat-rate consultation fees are set individually by each physician, in accordance with what a typical insurance copayment would cost (on average $25 - $40).

Depending on the circumstances, a virtual consultation may be all you need, or your doctor may recommend further visitations in person. If this is the case, please be mindful that liveClinic’s fee applies only to the virtual consultation. Any additional fees you may incur are handled directly with your doctor or through your insurance provider.
If I’m paying my doctor, then how does liveClinic make money? Healthcare providers who partner with liveClinic pay a subscription fee to use our service. Our technology improves the efficiency of their practices, extends their clinical reach, fills last-minute cancellations, and gives patients the ability to consult virtually with their physician from the comfort of home.
Where is liveClinic available? Our services are currently available only within the United States, yet we have every intention of expanding liveClinic’s reach across the globe. Follow us along on our journey by subscribing to receive the latest liveClinic news and updates.
How can I help spread the word about liveClinic? Get involved and connect with us on social media via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Journalists and bloggers eager to share our message are invited to reach out to us at
How do I join the liveClinic team? Quality healthcare shouldn’t be complicated. We’re constantly on the lookout for energetic and imaginative additions to our team. If you have what it takes to bring vision to life, then we welcome you to visit our careers page at

[Using the service FAQs]

How do I use liveClinic to request an appointment? Requesting a virtual consultation through liveClinic is as simple as downloading the app, locating your doctor, and submitting your request. Depending on their availability, your doctor will normally connect with you within 3 - 5 hours.
Which doctor should I choose? When possible, you should always consult with your primary care physician. However, if your current doctor is not available on liveClinic, you can choose instead to book a consultation with another qualified doctor in your area.

Only you can select the right doctor for your particular needs. When choosing a new doctor, liveClinic assists by providing you with information on local doctors, along with credible reviews from current and former patients. Likewise, we encourage you to submit a review of your own appointment experience so we can help others identify the physician that best suits their needs and personality.
Will liveClinic tell me if a doctor participates in my insurance? liveClinic operates outside of the insurance system, which means your consultation fee is paid directly by you, directly to your doctor. Your doctor may work with your insurance for in-person appointments, but an insurance plan isn’t required to benefit from liveClinic’s virtual consultation service. In fact, our fees are designed to mirror those of a typical insurance copayment, so you won’t have to worry about filing a separate claim for reimbursement.
Can I file with my insurance to get reimbursed for my liveClinic appointment? You are certainly welcome to file a claim with your insurance company to see if your consultation fee will be reimbursed. Whether you file or not is entirely up to you, however, liveClinic’s fees are set low enough that most insurance providers won’t bother with them. In most cases, it makes more sense to simply pay the fee and enjoy the convenience.
I’m not sure how to describe the precise reason for my visit. What should I do? When requesting an appointment, it helps if you can provide your doctor with a brief description of your situation or concern in advance. However, if you are not sure about the reason, leave the section blank and save the description for your doctor when it’s time for your appointment.
How can I be sure that my request for an appointment was successful? Once you’ve submitted your request, you’ll receive a confirmation text, as well as an email. You are required to enter payment information beforehand, but you will not be billed until after your appointment has ended, after you’ve spoken with your doctor.
Are there hidden fees or extra charges for time with the doctor? No. The total fee for your consultation is detailed for you up front, before you pay. At liveClinic, we adhere to a fee-for-service approach that is both honest and straightforward. What you see is what you get.
What if my appointment is rescheduled by the doctor's office? You will not be charged until after you've spoken to your doctor, so there is no penalty if you must cancel an appointment beforehand. Similarly, you will not be penalized if your doctor cancels the appointment, or is somehow unable to reach you in the time allotted.
Can I call liveClinic to book an appointment over the phone? We at liveClinic are working very hard to create the simplest and most intuitive healthcare experience possible. If you're having trouble navigating the application, however, please give us a call at (949)303-3872 and we’re more than happy to guide you step-by-step through the booking process.
How do I call the doctor when it’s time for my appointment? liveClinic is designed so that consultations are carried out directly through the app itself. When it's time for your appointment, all you will need is a reliable Wi-Fi or cellular (3G or faster) connection. The Doctor calls you back after you request a call through the liveClinic app. Of course, you will need to call your doctor’s office directly if you wish to book a visit to the clinic. For virtual consultations through liveClinic, however, you need only request an appointment using the app.

[Doctor Visit FAQs]

Can my doctor prescribe medication via liveClinic? Depending on the nature of your condition, you may be able to request a prescription during your consultation. You will need to confirm this with your doctor, as prescriptions are issued only at their discretion. We are unable to guarantee whether or not your doctor will prescribe a specific medication, as any prescription necessarily depends on the individual patient, as well as their doctor.
How long does a typical liveClinic appointment last? How much time you spend with your doctor depends on a number of factors, however, most virtual liveClinic consultations last less than 15 minutes. The good news is liveClinic charges a single fee for the entire consultation, no matter how long it takes.
When should I use liveClinic instead of requesting an in-office visit? Ideally, liveClinic is designed for and works best when replacing routine clinical visits and follow-up appointments, for those times when your day could be better spent not driving across town or sitting in a waiting room. You should dial 911 right away, if you are in serious pain, or if you feel your condition requires immediate attention. For anything else, we suggest checking into an urgent care facility, or arranging a visit to your doctor’s office as soon as possible.
Is liveClinic available for urgent care? No. liveClinic is intended for use only during non-urgent consultations between patients and their doctors. liveClinic is not intended for medical emergencies. In the event of any life-threatening situation, please dial 911 immediately.
Is liveClinic available for specialist appointments? At this time, liveClinic is only available for non-urgent primary care (internal and family medicine) consultations. Specialist consults are a service we plan to develop as we continue to grow and expand liveClinic’s capabilities.
Can I use liveClinic to get a referral for a specialist? Depending on the specialty, you may be able to request a visit with a specialist during a virtual consultation with your doctor. You should be aware, though, that referrals to specialists are provided only at your doctor’s discretion, and that you will be billed if you schedule a virtual liveClinic consultation, even if this is done with the express purpose of requesting a specialist referral from your doctor.
How is my personal information and medical history stored? Is it safe? liveClinic’s data is secure at rest and in transit to ensure the highest level of patient data confidentiality and security.

All medical records are stored safely on our secure servers, to include call history and any prescribed medications. At any time, you may request a copy of the information we have stored for you.

If you have any questions concerning privacy which we have not already answered, or are not answered here, please email us at
I didn’t find the answer I was looking for … where can I go for help? The team here at liveClinic is dedicated to assisting you with any question you might have, with a focus on transparency. If you have a question you would like to submit, please send it to us at and we will respond within 24 hours. Additionally, if you prefer to ask your question over the phone, feel free to reach us at (949)303-3872.
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