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How to Create A Medical Practice Business Strategy

Apr 29 2017

When doctors begin a practice, a great first step is to create a medical practice business strategy. A Medical Practice Business Strategy is a formal process. It helps to identify your mission, values, goals, projects, timing, barriers, opportunities, and strategies. A well-structured strategic business planning process can help your practice in both the short and…

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How to Launch a Telehealth Service in your Medical Clinic

Apr 07 2017

Many doctors are looking at how to launch a telehealth service. Doctors today are familiar with the telehealth virtual consultation model. Telehealth a few years ago was a new concept, but today it is becoming as common as using Uber, Airbnb and Venmo. Doctors want to add the convenience and customization of telehealth services to…

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A Guide to Health Insurance Plans for Doctors

Mar 28 2017

For most doctors, they are not intimately involved with the nuances of health insurance plans. Usually, if it is something handled by the front office team as a part of the patient intake process. However, there will be times when it is valuable for doctors to know the differences in the types of health insurance…

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5 Steps to Renewing the Joy of Being a Physician

Mar 21 2017

For many doctors, they chose their path in life not for a career, but because of a calling. The desire to help others and make a meaningful difference in the world is a daily event when you are treating those who need medical care. But as the generations of doctors have shifted, so too has…

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How Value-Based Care Works for Doctors

Mar 14 2017

In value-based care models, doctors and hospitals are paid for helping keep people healthy and for improving the health of those who have chronic conditions in an evidence-based, cost-effective way. In the past, when doctors treated patients, there was a great deal of focus on improving health. However, as the billing system and insurance process…

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How do Doctors Get Paid for Healthcare Treatment?

Mar 07 2017

Whenever we visit a doctor, we assume they are getting paid well for their care and expertise. But exactly how doctors get paid is pretty unclear to most Americans. A 2015 study by Gallup revealed that almost 90% of Americans now have some form of health insurance. Most Americans pay a small deductible and then…

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A Guide to Patient Engagement Solutions for Doctors

Mar 02 2017

Most doctors have heard of the concept of engaging a patient in their own health. But to do this, they need patient engagement solutions that work effectively. The tech world is ripe with ideas of how to automate the patient experience for doctors, and to brings medical services more conveniently to patients. However true patient…

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The Top 10 Healthcare Marketing Blogs in 2017

Feb 27 2017

Healthcare Marketing is an interesting challenge for many doctors. For some they feel that healthcare marketing is something that should be only done via referrals. Others believe that sources such as medical SEO marketing and medical website marketing is key. Whatever healthcare marketing philosophy you choose, healthcare marketing blogs are a great way to sharpen…

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A Doctors Guide to Building Patient Referrals

Feb 20 2017

Often doctors don’t think about building patient referrals because they see their service as a necessity only. There was a time when building patient referrals were not needed, as the world thrived on the conventional world of mouth tactics to grow patients. But today with online marketing and web search taking precedence, having a grassroots…

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What are the average Physician Overhead rates in 2017?

Feb 16 2017

Physician overhead rates can be a mystery to non-financial doctors. Although some doctors are very good at tracking numbers, many have no idea of what the ideal or average physician overhead rates are. According to Samuel Catanese writing for Healthcare News “Most physicians believe that their practice’s overhead is somewhere between 40% and 50% of…

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Report: Interesting Facts on Physician Burnout in 2017

Feb 13 2017

Physician Burnout is an ongoing concern in the medical field. Trying to manage the stress of patient cases, administrative tasks and balancing life challenges are among the reasons why physicians are feeling the pressure. A Medscape Physician Lifestyle Survey published in January asked 14,000 doctors to rate their top challenges in 2017. Physician burnout was…

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Medical Technology Adoption is on the rise in 2017

Feb 06 2017

In recent years there has been a significant rise in medical technology adoption.  As the tech industry becomes more geared towards healthcare, we have see medical technology adoption grow alongside it. Medical tech solutions offer convenient, fast, and seamless healthcare solutions for patients. In 2017, many medical patients are now leveraging different forms of Medtech devices….

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What is driving Telehealth growth in 2017?

Feb 01 2017

Telehealth growth in 2017 is going to be significant, potentially increasing up six times to according to a new report from INMedica Research group.US Telehealth revenues are also predicted to increase from from $174 million last year to over $700 million in 2017. As doctors look for ways to grow patient engagement and increase revenue, telehealth is…

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5 Tools to Grow your Online Presence for Doctors

Jan 30 2017

Learning how to grow your online presence for doctors is a true challenge. It is something that must be done above and beyond running your medical practice. Your team may be able to help to grow your online presence, but a great deal of the work must also be done by the doctors themselves. Online…

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Three Tips to Grow Medical Practice Collections

Jan 25 2017

One of the big challenges many doctors face is finding ways to grow medical practice collections. In most businesses, collecting payment from a customer before delivering the good or service is completely logical. In medicine this is the reverse. The doctor sees the patient first, then a claim is filed or payment is collected as…