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A Doctors Guide to Dropping a Medical Insurance Payer

Dec 30 2016

In the medical field, dropping a medical insurance payer is a contentious issue. There are many sides to the story, and it affects all parties differently. For doctors, running a medical practice means sometimes making tough decisions to protect the financial health of their business. The reality is that some insurance companies refuse to pay…

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How to do an effective Telemedicine Follow Up with Patients

Dec 29 2016

When doctors consider doing a telemedicine follow up for their patients, they often do it in a haphazard way. There is a lot of confusion about the types of medical conditions that are suitable for a telemedicine follow up. Some doctors don’t even realize this is an option. Most medical professionals are very used to…

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5 Ways To Increase Medical Practice Revenue in 2017

Dec 28 2016

With 2017 approaching, many doctors have a goal to increase medical practice revenue. For most doctors, staying profitable is be a constant challenge. Many just ignore their bottom line and hope that things work out. Others are very determined to find ways to increase medical practice revenue. For doctors looking for a profitable start to…

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How to reduce Medical Practice Operating Costs

Dec 22 2016

Trying to reduce medical practice operating costs can be a challenge at times. A medical practice is a business. Keeping tabs on the operating costs can often seem essential to keeping the doors open. The key for a doctor to reduce medical practice operating costs is to be aware of the expenses of the medical…

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How to Stop your Medical Practice Losing Money

Dec 21 2016

As a doctor, there are several factors that can lead to your medical practice losing money. While most businesses take a financial downturn at times, it is important to be as prepared as possible to stop your medical practice losing money. Here are 5 ways to help your stop your medical practice losing money, and…

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How to Increase Medical Practice Collections

Dec 20 2016

When looking to increase Medical Practice Collections, many doctors find this a daunting task. A medical practice is a business and any business needs cashflow to run. Due to the growth of insurance providers, and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) creating high-deductible health plans, the world of medical payment has changed. Patients are now often…

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A Guide to Millennial Patient Marketing

Dec 19 2016

When it comes to attracting new patients, a key focus for doctors is millennial patient marketing. There an estimated 75 million millennials currently in the U.S. According to Pew Research, the oldest “Millennial” was born somewhere between 1977 and 1981.These are men and women born during the technological revolution. They have different interests and values….

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Increasing your Medical Practice Google Rankings

Dec 18 2016

Many doctors want to increase their medical practice google rankings. To attract new patients, doctors know they must make themselves visible to a growing audience of online patients. Unfortunately, many healthcare practices fall into a trap of a lot of common SEO mistakes without even realizing it. According to recent report via Physicians Practice, more…

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What is a Business Associate Agreement and how does it work with HIPAA?

Dec 16 2016

A Business Associate Agreement is an essential piece of the HIPAA compliance system. These contracts are called business associate agreements (BAA). They set forth all the provisions for each party’s adherence to HIPAA requirements. Without knowing it, many doctors considering using third party technology may be breaching HIPAA compliance. As part of HIPAA  compliance, any…

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Can Doctors Use Skype for Telemedicine Calls?

Dec 15 2016

One of the big questions many people ask is can doctors use Skype for Telemedicine Calls? Video calling platforms have become a part of everyday life. The concept of talking to someone at a distance via video is no longer a part of science fiction. Today doctor are adopting the idea of virtual visits. Many…

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What are the Best Retirement Plans for Medical Doctors

Dec 14 2016

When looking at Retirement Plans for Medical Doctors, it can be confusing. Many doctors do not save or accumulate money in a personal account, and will need to rely on a retirement account, however are not clear which is the best benefit plan for them. There has been an increase in doctors joining group medical…

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Medical Practice Employment Laws you must know

Dec 13 2016

As a physician, it is important to know and understand the Medical Practice Employment Laws that are a part of hiring and managing a team. When first hiring your team members, it can be easy to miss the complications. Yes as you grow your practice, the more knowledge you have of Medical Practice Employment Laws,…

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What is a Medical Radiation Safety Officer?

Dec 12 2016

All medical offices that deal with X-Ray equipment may want to consider training a Medical Radiation Safety Officer (often known as an MRSO or sometimes RSO). This person will be responsible for the management and safety processes of handling all medical devices that work with Radiation, in compliance with the OSHA standards of the medical…

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Important OSHA Guidelines for Medical Offices

Dec 10 2016

Many doctors do not realize that there are important OSHA guidelines for Medical Offices that must be adhered to. Typically, most office managers and safety managers are in charge of OSHA. Yet it is important that doctors understand the OSHA Guidelines for Medical Offices as well. Here are 4 important OSHA Guidelines for Medical Offices…

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The 5 key benefits of Leasing Medical Equipment

Dec 07 2016

When considering leasing medical equipment, there are several important benefits to understand. The clear advantage of purchasing your medical equipment is that you become the owner of that machine. For many doctors, this makes the most sense for equipment that they know will last a considerable amount of time. However, running a medical practice is expensive….