How are you helping people?

At any given moment, medical need and available resources are not in the same physical location; ~75% of healthcare visits don't need to be. liveClinic weaves a net allowing surge capacity to come from anywhere to meet that demand. This more evenly distributes the weight across much broader geographies.

What is a Virtual Field Clinic?

Virtual Field Clinic is a non-commercial relief effort backed by volunteer physicians, residents, and other healthcare professionals. It is non-emergency telehealth triage and provided absolutely free. Providing faster relief and surge capacity against COVID-19 to stop the spread and save supplies.

Why are you doing this?

As the pandemic escalated, we saw an opportunity to help people and improve the situation - so we took it. We realized with some modifications; our technology could be adapted to do something few else were positioned to do. The examples set by manufacturers pivoting to make ventilators and breweries making hand sanitizers were shining examples that inspired us.

Why is it free?

Each non-emergency medical encounter safely kept at home can exponentially reduce the spread of the virus and the depletion of critical medical supplies. For many reasons, this helps all of us. Making it about money or insurance coverage would slow our ability to rapidly fight the pandemic.

Why not just call a doc over FaceTime?

Remote advice with no upfront context or post-visit record isn't healthcare, it's video chat. Portable health records give patients freedom and flexibility across all physical/virtual points of care. It enables doctors to give patients better outcomes.

Who is liveClinic?

We are a people-first med tech company founded by practicing physicians and technology executives. We think efficiency and innovation should actually increase the human element of care. We are headquartered in Irvine, California. Our core focus has been portability of personal healthcare records and clinical research software.

What do you know about Field Hospitals?

Our Chief Medical Officer and co-founder, Dr. Bose, is rooted in large-scale emergency medicine and management protocols. After serving one of the longest tours as a medic since WWII, he was honorably discharged with the rank of Major. He went on to write a leading medical textbook High Yield Emergency Medicine. Dr. Bose presently serves as City EMS Medical Director and Emergency Room Physician in Odessa, Texas.

Is this just a COVID-19 screening?

Not at all. Our mission is front line triage. Anything our accredited volunteers can safely address they will; including but not limited to CDC screening protocols for COVID-19.

What medical conditions can I treat in the Virtual Field Clinic?

It’s about what you’re licensed or accredited to do. MDs/DOs (residency through retirement) and Nurse Practitioners can now offer treatment. Mental health workers, registered nurses and others are able to help in many instances as well. Our focus is to help patients get diagnosed remotely so they can avoid a physician office or emergency room visit. This helps maximize physical distancing and medical supply utilization during the COVID-19 crisis.

Can I consult with patients from any state?

Yes Physicians can now practice across state lines

Do I need additional insurance to see patients through VFC?

Our legal team has created robust legal terms that require users to waive off any liability for using this free service. Many physicians that do some amount of pro bono or volunteer work may already have coverage in place. If you still have any concern you can ask your insurance company to add a rider for telehealth. In the midst of an unprecedented global health pandemic, many regulations are being relaxed to accommodate the urgent needs of human beings. This is war. Fair warning, we are not lawyers, we are doctors and technologists. You will find general consensus in public health and legal circles suggest targeting a volunteer healthcare worker during this crisis would be like suing a firefighter during 9/11.

How can I join you?

It’s easy - anyone can help here: