Want to be rewarded
for being healthy?

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Of course you do!

liveClinic is the world’s first and the fastest growing free personal healthcare record storage platform.

We make personal healthcare rewarding, measurable and less expensive.

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How it Works?

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Visit as many clinics
as you need and store all your data.

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Find all your health
history in one place.

"I don't think about health but when I started looking at this application I realized it is so important. I am gonna store all my health details here. "
- Darnell
"I really like how simple the sign up is. I could see the points going up immediately after I started."
- Katie
"Easy sign up, tips all over the place on how to use this tool. Super like."
- Emily
"Love it. This is a no nonsense simple application to take care of my health."
- Jake
"As a mother of two kids I think this tool is great for me to store health details for everyone in my family. It will be always with us no matter where we go."
- Shanice

Security, Portability and Choice

Sign up to discover the freedom. No matter how many health care providers you see,
with liveClinic you can always find your health history in a single, secure place.

Wait. I could get rewarded?

Did I read that right?

You sure did. When you signup with liveClinic MyRecords you can start recording your health history in our handy tool right away. Once your health record is complete, you may qualify to redeem your points for products and services from liveClinic MyRecords marketplace scheduled to launch as soon as we reach our target 1 million users.

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So what do
I need to do?

Join liveClinic MyRecords. Signup is quick and totally free. Record as much or as little of your health history as you like. You and your loved ones will always have access to most up-to-date health information. You can share that during a regular or emergency doctor visit. Seeing is believing. Now you can quantify your health conditions, take actions and make improvements. Your data, your terms, your rewards.

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Get rewarded for prioritizing your health
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Sign up to find a home for all your health data that will be with you
where ever you are, whenever you want.