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Our Mission

liveClinic’s mission is to improve the lives of patients through a community for members to share experiences, to use free technologies and to access clinical research studies globally.

Our Story
When we started liveClinic, we wanted to build more than beautiful applications. We wanted to build a community. A place you join as an individual, but where you share your story and help others succeed in their healthcare journey. A place where we’re redefining healthier living measured by personal fulfillment, not just the health symptoms. Community is our catalyst.

Our Values

Our members trust us with their health information. We honor it in words and actions. Integrity is the thread, which holds the fabric of our member relationships.
Breakthrough ideas often result from collaboration. We forge long term committed partnerships with our members.
We are constantly thinking ways we can help our members through innovation and best practices that will help them with better access to information.
Living healthier starts here
Together with our members we learn and share best practices for prevention of diseases.