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Virtual Field Clinic is absolutely free, non-emergency telehealth triage, backed by volun-

teer physicians, residents, and other healthcare professionals around the country. This

wide-scale health care relief is designed to increase healthcare capacity, protect patients

and healthcare workers, and enable qualified people to contribute from anywhere.

Stand with us.

There are opportunities for everyone.

How does it work?

In the 1930's the war emergency demanded a change in American industry.

Today, our volunteer effort has repurposed the technology and operational framework from

liveClinic to provide provide absolutely free , non-emergency telehealth triage across the country.

Virtual Field Clinic helps patients get medical advice and stay away from emergency

rooms, urgent care facilities and healthcare establishments, conserving critical medical

supplies, flattening the curve, and saving lives.

Online consultations provide medical assistance from the

comfort and safety of your own home.

Patients and physicians shelter in place and maintain a safe social distance.

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Our goal is to protect as many people as possible, for free.

How can I help?

We make it easy to make a difference. Even 15 minutes a week can have a huge impact.

Volunteers Needed:

Physicians and Nurses, MDs, DOs, NPs, RNs

Developers, QA, InfoSec, DevOps

Coordinators, PMS Support, Administrative

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Personal, corporate or government funds of any size will help keep this program running.

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Virtual Field Clinic is a completely volunteer effort.