Electronic Health Record

More than just an EHR

Experience liveClinic difference

liveClinic was designed by physicians with one goal in mind.  Simplify and improve on the most challenging portions of practicing medicine, operational efficiency and outcomes for patients. 


Technology that reduces physician burnout, improves patient outcomes and increases patient satisfaction.

Integration with Smartphone Application

Patients can access their patient portal and receive important appointment reminders through the liveClinic smartphone application. The system can send push notifications to patients to create a powerful communication channel and keep you connected.

iPad and Tablet Compatible

The liveClinic platform was built to thrive on iPads and tablets. It is compatible with both Android and Apple products and practitioners can utilize the system anywhere, 24/7 with cloud based technology.

Improve Workflow

liveClinic connects the front office, medical support staff (back office), practitioner and patient together utilizing a stunningly beautiful and efficient interface. Minimal clicks and intuitive design help to streamline the most complicated workflows.

Optimize Your Time and Resources

Instantly verify “Real Time” insurance coverage and up to date deductible levels for all patients through integration with Insurance clearing House. Eliminate timely billing and collection issues with our built-in billing solution.

Streamline Patient Communication

Reduce costly patient “no shows” by building in tactical reminders and simple communication tools to allow patients to communicate with your practice from their smartphones or tablet.

ePrescription Built In

ePrescription system is built right into the EHR. Write, track, and communicate directly with pharmacies electronically through the system.

Supports Integrative Medicine

The first truly “Integrated” EHR to allow doctors to work in any modality and in combination with the most complicated and comprehensive practices.


Conduct virtual TeleHealth appointments with your patients instantly through the liveClinic EHR.