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What is liveClinic?

liveClinic MyRecords is a secure healthcare platform for patients to store their healthcare records for free. liveClinic platform also provides variety of benefits through a marketplace to liveClinic platform users.

How do I sign up?

Click here to sign up. Or you can sign up by clicking on “Get Started button on top right corner of liveClinic website.

How long does it take to sign up?

It takes less than 1 minute to sign up. Your name, email and password are all that will be needed to sign up.

Who are liveClinic Insiders and how do I become one?

liveClinic Insiders are people who are excited about liveClinic MyRecords launch. We want liveClinic Insiders to promote us by helping spread the news about liveClinic! By referring friends to become liveClinic Insiders, an Insider can move up the ranks and gain access to more liveClinic perks. Insiders must be a U.S. resident or citizen, as well as meet the other requirements in theTerms of Serviceto participate. Want to become a liveClinic Insider? Just sign up here.

What do I get as a liveClinic Insider and how do I move up the ranks?

All liveClinic Insiders, you'll get a free lifelong membership to once we launch. For each person that joins the program through your referral, your rank will get a boost. And the higher you climb, the more liveClinic perks you unlock!

Here's what you get based on your final ranking:

Top 100,000 - Finish in the Top 100,000 Insiders and you'll earn early access to marketplace.

Top 10,000 - If you make it into our Top 10,000, You will receive 500 bonus points to your account.

Top 1,000 - Finish in our top thousand Insiders and you will earn 1000 bonus points.

Top 100 - Finish in our top hundred Insiders and earn 2000 bonus points.

Top 10 - If you're in the running to become a Top 10 Insider, you'll get to participate in an exciting liveClinic experience where you'll have access to additional materials and tools (including some non-public info). And you'll provide feedback so you can add more value to liveClinic. This includes access to our marketing team, marketing assets and the pre-launch Marketplace experience.

If you finish in the Top 10, you'll earn 10,000 stock options to get stock.

No.1 - Finish in this position and you will earn 10,000 stock options, an additional 90,000 liveClinic stock options, totaling 100,000. Remember that liveClinic Insider rankings move depending on how many other Insiders are successfully referring friends to the program. Again, please see theTerms of Servicefor more details.

What's up with these stock options?

liveClinic insider stock options are the right to buy a specific number of shares of common stock at a pre-determined price when the options become exercisable. The pre-determined price—also known as the exercise price—is the fair market value of stock as determined by liveClinic at the time of grant.

liveClinic offers options to liveClinic employees as equity compensation. If the value of liveClinic's stock increases over time, then the value of the liveClinic Insider stock options will also increase. We are offering 100,000 stock options to our Top Insider. We are also offering 10,000 stock options to our next nine Top liveClinic Insiders. We are offering these stock options in exchange for the services you provide liveClinic as a Top 10 Insider.

liveClinic is not a public company and all liveClinic securities (including our stock options) are subject to federal and state securities law. Because of this, your ability to transfer liveClinic Insider stock options will be very limited. Also, you will not be able to exercise them until certain events occur, such as, for example, if liveClinic goes public or gets acquired someday. The exact terms of your stock options will be spelled out in detail in your stock option agreement (should you finish in the Top 10), and there is also more detailed information in theTerms of Service.

How do you recommend I share liveClinic Insider with friends?

We have made it easy for you. Once you sign up you will have an option to select people from your address book based on the email you are using. Just select your contacts and send them the invite. We will update your rank based on the number of invites you sent signs up with liveClinic.

You increase your rank and can gain more liveClinic perks every time a friend signs up using your unique invite. We want everyone to know that you (and your friends) can benefit, so don't be shy about saying this is a promotion.

What does my liveClinic Insider rank mean?

Your liveClinic Insider rank is a function of two things, your count of successful referrals to liveClinic Insider, and the time at which you first signed up for the program. The more friends you refer, the higher you will rank, and the more perks you will unlock. Remember that this program is dynamic, so your rank and perks may change regularly as other liveClinic Insiders sign up their friends. Continue referring friends throughout the program to maintain your rank and hold on to unlocked perks. The time stamp of your initial signup acts only as a tie-breaker between you and your fellow Insiders with the same number of successful referrals. While we'll do our best to give you the most accurate indication of your placement in the liveClinic Insider rankings via our website and emails, due to things like a high volume of referrals and, the inclusion of unverified addresses all rankings are tentative until confirmed after the program ends.

When does the liveClinic Insider program end?

The liveClinic Insider program will end on November 28th, 2018, at 11:59 am PT. At this point, the liveClinic team will vet and finalize all rankings. We will move as quickly as we can, but need some time to review the results and make sure we get the rankings correct. So bear in mind that all ranks are subject to change until confirmed. liveClinic reserves the right to disqualify any liveClinic Insider for anything that we determine to be 'bad behavior' (violating our Terms of Service, circumventing the spirit of the liveClinic Insider Program, or otherwise acting inappropriately). We trust that you won't engage in any such bad behavior, but you must trust us to disqualify any liveClinic Insider that we believe is behaving badly!

I am not a US citizen can I still refer my friends and receive any rewards?

Yes, you can still invite your friends and have a worldwide rank that does not include US citizens. We will use that we will use to identify top 10 people in this category. Each of the top 10 ranking users will receive an apple watch. In addition the top ranker will receive a $200 gift card

When and how soon can I redeem liveClinic points?

liveClinic market place will have vendors from various countries offering health related products and services. You will have an option to redeem your points by purchasing liveClinic market place products or services. We are targeting to have the market place up and running in about 180 days from the launch date of April 28th 2019.

How can I connect with liveClinic?

By signing up for liveClinic MyRecords, you've given us your email, which we'll use to keep in touch with you about the program and other liveClinic news. You can also reach us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Emailcareers@liveclinic.comif you have interest in joining our team. For all other inquiries and requests, please

Press inquiries?

Look no further than ourpress kit. Email press@liveclinic.comwith additional inquiries.

How do I remove my email from the liveClinic Insider list?

If you no longer wish to be a part of the Insider program, simply with your request to be removed.