What is liveClinic?

liveClinic is a community that shares preventative healthcare experiences and uses latest technologies to maintain better health. We provide information on global research studies.

How do I sign up?

Click here to sign up. Or you can sign up by clicking on “Sign up” button on the top right corner of liveClinic website.

How long does it take to sign up?

It takes less than a minute to sign up! Your name, email and a password is all that we need.

What is liveClinic’s mission?

liveClinic’s mission is to improve the lives of patients through access to free technologies and live clinical research studies globally.

What are liveClinic’s core values?

Integrity. Our members trust us with their health information. We honor it in words and actions. Integrity is the thread, which holds the fabric of our member relationships.

Collaboration. Breakthrough ideas often result from collaboration. We forge long term committed partnerships with our members.

Empathy. We are constantly thinking of ways to help our members through innovation and best practices that will help them with better treatment options.

Is my account secure?

Yes, your liveClinic account is secure. We operate with state-of-the-art security features and our system is fully HIPAA compliant. For a more detailed look into our privacy policy please click here..

Press inquiries?

Look no further than our press kit. Email insider@liveclinic.com with additional inquiries.